5 ways to stay healthy while travelling

Travel essentials

Traveling abroad is an exciting time filled with new experiences and places to explore. However, these opportunities can also lead us to skip healthy habits and move towards dangerous and unhealthy choices.

Here are 5 ways to stay healthy while traveling.

Cover up

If you plan to visit conservative cultures or tropical climates, facing the new heat without wearing sleeveless tops or shorts can be a difficult challenge. However, wearing loose clothing might save you from a deadly bug bite or even harsh looks in a conservative country.

Make fabric key when you want to stay cool in the harsh heat and select the proper fabrics to help you stay cool. Keep your body covered up and protected by wearing a loose fitting shirt. You can even sport a favorite personalised holiday t-shirts to stay in the theme of your travel. The main objective is to stay covered, especially when you travel to foreign grounds.

Wear a Hat

Depending on where you travel to, wearing a hat may be an important garment to wear. Not only does wearing a hat protect your eyes and skin from the harsh sun rays, it also helps protect your hair from burning. A good hat will protect your head and face and give your body overall sun protection.

While these tips may be obvious, did you know what wearing a hat can also protect you from the risk of a heat stroke? This occurs when the body fails to regulate naturally. The objective of wearing a hat is to keep your body feeling comfortable and cool, especially on those hot humid days.

Discovering Beautiful Bath


Bath is a very unique and underrated city in the south west of England. It has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage site status as a result of its many historical attractions and unusual features. Although this year is the 30th that Bath has held this status for, many people still don’t know much about how beautiful this place is.

If you’re considering visiting Bath, or you’ve never even thought about it until now, we have a few recommendations for getting the most out of this amazing city.

  • In Bath, taxis are the ideal way to get around because there are so many great attractions within a relatively small area, but you’ll need to visit the outskirts of the city to find some of the best attractions. You might even consider hiring a private chauffeur to make sure you can get around and see everything in just a day or two.
  • Bath takes its name from the famous Roman baths, the remnants of which are still present today and attract huge numbers of visitors. Warm, natural spring waters have long been an important unique feature for Bath, and this history is celebrated today with a range of wonderful spas where you can relax and treat yourself alongside the historical sites.

Catered Chalets – The Perfect French Ski Holiday

Many people consider a French skiing holiday in the mountains to be the ultimate winter holiday. You can spend all day enjoying the snow, the slopes and all kinds of activities, before returning to your accommodation to relax and enjoy your downtime. The perfect place to do this? You’ll find it hard to beat catered chalets in La Plagne and other popular French resorts.

There are many options if you would normally look for hotels, but when you’re travelling to skiing resorts it is generally accepted that chalets offer more of a luxury experience. They have many advantages over alternative forms of accommodation, including…

How To Find Bargain Hotel Packages

Package holidays have been around for decades, but the idea has been completely transformed in recent years. You go now go online and find exactly the flights, hotels and other services you want and figure out a bespoke, discounted package without any help from a travel agent. This is an excellent way of getting a bargain price on any hotel you choose. There are plenty of websites you can use to find the best package deals around, so make sure you compare before making a selection.

If you cannot afford to play with time — if you either do not have enough money to book early or do not want to risk booking late — you can book hotel deals specifically for the deals they provide. There are certain types of bargains that can be found independent of the time. You can usually book these whenever you want; this makes them very nice if you like to have a plan in place and still want to get a deal.

The Best Luxury Hotels In The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean region is home to some of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. Famed for its gorgeous sea, countless beaches and wide variety of different islands spanning many countries, the area is naturally a hotspot for fantastic hotels, villas and resorts. Here are a few of our favourites from each country.

1) Greece

On the Greek island of Zakynthos (or Zante to use its Italian name, as Brits often do), there are a huge range of different destinations to choose from. Parts of the island are known as party areas and big on bars and nightlife, but elsewhere you’ll find some of the most relaxing places to stay on the continent. For example, the critically acclaimed Porto Zante offer exclusive luxury villas and a 5-star spa hotel. Situated on a private beach, this fantastic resort has welcomed numerous celebrity guests and showcases some of the best scenery and service the Mediterranean has to offer.

A guide to choosing a luxury hotel

luxury hotel

Once in a blue moon, you may decide to treat yourself by trying something new for the first time. Just like when we treat ourselves for a vacation, why not try staying in a luxury hotel instead of your usual regular accommodation? If you ever wanted to try a luxurious hotel but don’t have any clue how to get started, below are some tips that could be useful when planning and booking your first luxury stay.


Your budget will be the first thing in mind when choosing a hotel. It’s important to set aside a budget that you can afford or willing to spend for your stay. Once you ‘ve set a budget, you can narrow down your choices and find the most suitable luxury hotel for your budget. Although most luxury hotels can be quite expensive, there are other ways that you can potentially rent a room at a cheaper rate. The trick is to book your stay during offseason or weekdays as they tend to be less busy and less expensive around this time. You may also find some cheap last minute booking online.


Luxury hotels come in different styles. Depending on your preference, you may want to opt in for an independent hotel, classic hotel, designer hotel or a boutique hotel. Each will vary depending on location and the hotel, and they are also more likely to differ in environment and atmosphere too.


Depending on preference it’s essential to look for a hotel that provides all the amenities that you need or want during your stay. For instance, if you’re staying for a relaxing time, you may want to check if they have a spa or a swimming pool that you can use. Are you looking for good quality food? Why not check to see what kind of food they provide? Do they have a variety? It’s important to ask yourselves these questions to help you decide on choosing the best hotel for you.

Choosing The Right Villa in Majorca

villa majorca

The first thing is to decide on what type of villa or hotel you specifically want for your trip. Think about the number of beds and rooms you will need along with the amount of space that will be required. Do you plan on having guests, parties or other types of get-together at the villa. Make a list of all your planned activities and then try to predict how the villa will fit into to each one.

Also consider what types of amenities you will want with your accommodations. For example, will you be needing the villa to have a hot tub, sauna or Jacuzzi Should it be equipped with a full kitchen including tableware or will something simpler suffice.

If you plan on having outdoor events, look for offers that include an outdoor patio or balcony with grill. If entertainment is important, check for amenities like flat screen HD television, satellite TV channels, CDDVD player and video game console.

Location is another important matter to consider when choosing the right type of villa. Preferably you will want to be near as many important destinations and activities as possible. If you plan spending much time on the beach or on the Mediterranean, you may want to consider a beach-side villa, but if you are a keen golfer there are some fantastic hotels available with golf courses.

If exploring old castles and other historic sites is more to your taste, then you can decide on locations that are well-placed near these sites.

Obviously though, your budget will determine whether some villas or whole locations are practical or not. Think about how much you are willing to spend along with the ideal amount that you would want to spend on a villa.

Your ultimate decision in most cases will require at least some bit of compromise on your dream villa and your dream rates.

Different Types of Hotel


Travelling used to be a luxury that not many people can afford, however, those times have changed. Many people nowadays can afford to travel a lot more as there are cheaper choices available in the market. Flights have also become more affordable too. The increase in travelling has also helped increase the demand for hotels. There are different kinds of hotel available now compared to the last ten years. Each hotel varies in prices and services.

Airport hotels

Airport hotels have entered the market to cater for people who need a place to stay before their flights. They are perfect for travellers who are flying at unusual times or doesn’t live close by. They are usually located close to an airport for easy and quick access. Most airport hotels provide a free bus shuttle that takes them directly to the airport which is convenient and saves time.

Casino hotels

Large casinos may sometimes have an integrated hotel for their customers. Some casinos will let you stay the night for free when you spend a certain amount of money on their gambling services. Apart from gambling, some casinos may offer other entertainments or activities including performance shows, spa centre, restaurant or shopping areas.

Budget hotels

Budget hotels cater for travellers or backpackers. They usually cost cheaper due to the location being far from tourist or city areas. They also tend to be shared rooms which means you will have to share room and toilet facilities with other guests. It’s a no frill service hotel.

Resort hotels

Resort hotels are made for a family or friends vacation. The resort comes with plenty of amenities where guests can have a fun and relaxing stay in the hotel. Most guests would tend to stay for longer periods and use the facilities offered by the resort.

Amazing Tech-Savvy Hotels

Some of the best hotels around the world may be among the most traditional if that’s the kind of thing you look for in your accommodation. However, some of us might prefer to experience the cutting edge in terms of what modern hotels have to offer the 21st-century traveller. A few destinations around the world have really nailed this one, so here are our top four recommendations.

Yotel – New York City, New York

Kicking off with a slightly crazy sci-fi story, we have Yotel in New York. Its best-known feature is a giant robot that looks after your luggage for you, which can be commanded with touch screen controls. You don’t need to interact with any staff if you don’t want to, since the checking in and out process is entirely automated and you can dry your own towels on a fancy heated rack rather than letting housekeeping in to swap them.

Hotel 1000 – Seattle, Washington

Here’s another American destination where you won’t have to worry about being disturbed by staff. Thanks to heat sensors fitted in all the rooms, they’ll know when you’re in your room without having to check. This hotel is a favourite for business trips, since there’s virtual golf on offer (if you don’t know how that works, we suggest you find a video!), plus free fibre-optic Internet for when you need to get a few things done online.

Alma Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain

In the Spanish capital, Alma Barcelona is probably the most high-tech hotel you’ll find. While staying in one of its 72 suites, you’ll be able to swipe your way into your room with just a fingerprint, so no more need for those pesky room key cards! The latest flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi connections and more fun features are available behind each sci-fi-sealed door.

Eccleston Square Hotel – London, UK

Want the luxury of modern technology, but the classy style of a Grade II listed Georgian hotel? This London destination is the ideal combination. Our favourite feature? The incredible glass walls in the bathroom can turn become opaque for privacy just by pressing a button. Not only that, but there’s a TV inside the bathroom mirror, the bed can massage your back, and the floors are all heated. If you’re enjoying all this too much to leave the room, it’s no problem. Just order room service on the touch-screen tablet provided. This luxury hotel has to top our list of recommendations if you want a complete high-tech hotel experience!

Best Holiday Accommodation in Southeast Asia

Many countries in Southeast Asia rank among the most underrated tourist destinations in the world. Many Western tourists remain pretty much clueless about this beautiful region, not realising that it actually boasts some of the best luxury hotels and resorts at extremely affordable prices. Travelling to one of these great featured destinations might be the ultimate way to get more out of your next holiday, perhaps somewhere you never planned to visit!

Tir Na Nog – Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia

Close to the picturesque Mount Rinjani and overlooking the beautiful blue waters of the Gili Trawangan beach area, Tir Na Nog is a hidden Indonesian gem. It’s the perfect example of an exotic hotel offering luxurious relaxation and fun beach activities during the day, but also at the centre of the local nightlife. The area is highly rated among tourists, including those on their way to the ever-popular Bali as part of a longer trip. Tir Na Nog’s accommodation includes luxury villas and bungalows with bed and breakfast, an Irish bar and many more great facilities for guests.

Shinta Mani Club – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia is not the most common destination, but if you’re visiting for the first time, the stunning ancient temples and landscapes may leave you wondering why you left it so long. While you’re there, the Shinta Mani is a top choice for accommodation. The rooms are affordable, modern and above all a cool retreat to escape from the heat! The small luxury details make a lot of difference at this particularly popular hotel and resort.

Chateau Spa& Organic Wellness Resort – Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia

This French-inspired hotel may look a little bizarre among its Malaysian jungle surroundings, but its placement is carefully planned. Everything about this accommodation is geared towards catering for people looking for a luxury escape and some relaxing time away from the stress of the outside world. It’s only 60 minutes from Kuala Lumpur by road, but the high-end French restaurants, spa facilities and yoga sessions on offer will make you feel a world away from city living.

The Layana Resort & Spa – Ko Lanta, Thailand

This extremely highly-rated resort is not one for families, as it’s strictly adults-only. This is because every aspect of the accommodation and the facilities is carefully designed to make it a romantic and luxurious getaway destination, especially perfect for couples on their honeymoon. The professional massage treatments on offer in the spa are highly recommended, especially since The Layana Spa was awarded the title of “Best Luxury Destination Spa” in the country in 2015.