4 Most Excellent Desert Hotels on Earth

Amangiri Hotel

Do you know that there are some deserts that have hotels that you can enjoy a lot of fun and anything that you want? Despite that many people do not understand this; there are many hotels that are located in different deserts that you cannot imagine. These are hotels that can provide you with foods, drinks, accommodation and many other services that you enjoy in other hotels. In case you are looking for such hotels below are some of the best deserts hotels in the world.

Amangiri Hotel in Utah, United States

If you are the kind of people who enjoy feeling far away at times, this is the best destination for you. This is a hotel that is located in a worldly oasis in southern Utah desert. This hotel is a member of the ultra-luxurious Aman resorts family among the only two in the United States of America. This seductive hotel is built around a pool that has a natural rock formation that is blend into the stark and offers an elegant setting. When you visit the hotel, you will be able to relax by the pool as you eat and even pay visit to a spa where you can enjoy a flotation therapy.

Official Website: https://www.aman.com/resorts/amangiri

Explora Atacama in Chile

In case you need to conquer the deserts found in South America, it is not too late for you. In order to enjoy your time as you explore the Atacama Desert, it is advisable to head to explore Atacama hotel de larache. Here you find a perfect destination where authenticity and luxury at the low lying and rugged fifty room hotel. When you are in this hotel, you will have a great view of the Atacama Desert and many of its volcanic mountains. You can enjoy riding on one of the hotel horses that are highly trained to lover the rough terrain. You will enjoy South American wine as you enjoy your evening or relax after a long day exploring the desert.

Official Website: http://www.explora.com/

Onguma Bush Camp, Etosha National Park, Namibia

If you like a desert that has elephants, lions, leopards and other wildlife, then the Fort hotel will offer you offer you this luxury. You will enjoy morning game drives that are followed by sunset game drives and then night game drives. All of these are punctuated with great meals and good time that is spent staring at the elegant dry plains and the camel thorn trees surrounding the hotel. The Indian, Moroccan and African inspired compounds has twelve private and free standing suites. Each of the suites has an indoor and outdoor shower, so you can enjoy a lot when you are here.

Official Website: http://www.onguma.com/

Banyan Tree Al Wadi, United Arabs Emirates

When you visit Dubai you can decide to visit Banyan Tree Al Wadi that offers luxurious relaxation by a pool, benefit from a spa or enjoy riding camels. Here you also have an opportunity to sharpen your skills with the Middle East only falcon course. You can also perfect your aiming skills at the archery range.

Official Website: http://www.banyantree.com/en/em-uae-al-wadi

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