Amazing Tech-Savvy Hotels

Some of the best hotels around the world may be among the most traditional if that’s the kind of thing you look for in your accommodation. However, some of us might prefer to experience the cutting edge in terms of what modern hotels have to offer the 21st-century traveller. A few destinations around the world have really nailed this one, so here are our top four recommendations.

Yotel – New York City, New York

Kicking off with a slightly crazy sci-fi story, we have Yotel in New York. Its best-known feature is a giant robot that looks after your luggage for you, which can be commanded with touch screen controls. You don’t need to interact with any staff if you don’t want to, since the checking in and out process is entirely automated and you can dry your own towels on a fancy heated rack rather than letting housekeeping in to swap them.

Hotel 1000 – Seattle, Washington

Here’s another American destination where you won’t have to worry about being disturbed by staff. Thanks to heat sensors fitted in all the rooms, they’ll know when you’re in your room without having to check. This hotel is a favourite for business trips, since there’s virtual golf on offer (if you don’t know how that works, we suggest you find a video!), plus free fibre-optic Internet for when you need to get a few things done online.

Alma Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain

In the Spanish capital, Alma Barcelona is probably the most high-tech hotel you’ll find. While staying in one of its 72 suites, you’ll be able to swipe your way into your room with just a fingerprint, so no more need for those pesky room key cards! The latest flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi connections and more fun features are available behind each sci-fi-sealed door.

Eccleston Square Hotel – London, UK

Want the luxury of modern technology, but the classy style of a Grade II listed Georgian hotel? This London destination is the ideal combination. Our favourite feature? The incredible glass walls in the bathroom can turn become opaque for privacy just by pressing a button. Not only that, but there’s a TV inside the bathroom mirror, the bed can massage your back, and the floors are all heated. If you’re enjoying all this too much to leave the room, it’s no problem. Just order room service on the touch-screen tablet provided. This luxury hotel has to top our list of recommendations if you want a complete high-tech hotel experience!

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