Catered Chalets – The Perfect French Ski Holiday

Many people consider a French skiing holiday in the mountains to be the ultimate winter holiday. You can spend all day enjoying the snow, the slopes and all kinds of activities, before returning to your accommodation to relax and enjoy your downtime. The perfect place to do this? You’ll find it hard to beat catered chalets in La Plagne and other popular French resorts.

There are many options if you would normally look for hotels, but when you’re travelling to skiing resorts it is generally accepted that chalets offer more of a luxury experience. They have many advantages over alternative forms of accommodation, including…

Cost – You may be surprised by how reasonably priced your own private chalet in the mountains can be. A week-long trip is usually ideal and this may cost less than just a weekend in an expensive hotel, especially if you’re sharing with multiple friends and family. Catering often works out much cheaper than eating in restaurants, too.

Privacy – Of course, with your own chalet you’ll be away from the busy hallways of a resort hotel, which is ideal for getting some peace and quiet. You also won’t have to share facilities, which feels much more homely!

Flexibility – Staying in a catered chalet is the ultimate in convenience and flexibility, since you’ll have dedicated staff to prepare your meals each day. This means you won’t be tied down with set meals at set times like you would be in a hotel. You can come and go as you please without worrying about what other guests are doing.

Car-Friendly – Many hotels in ski resorts will rely on guests using public transport, and they won’t necessarily offer parking. Most chalets will be accessible by car, so if you’ve driven from home or hired a vehicle, you should be able to come and go freely at your accommodation without worrying about parking.


Overall, the catered experience when you choose a luxury chalet can really make all the difference when it comes to enjoying your French ski trip. Whatever resort you choose to visit, take a look at the options available and you’re sure to find your ideal accommodation.

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