Different Types of Hotel


Travelling used to be a luxury that not many people can afford, however, those times have changed. Many people nowadays can afford to travel a lot more as there are cheaper choices available in the market. Flights have also become more affordable too. The increase in travelling has also helped increase the demand for hotels. There are different kinds of hotel available now compared to the last ten years. Each hotel varies in prices and services.

Airport hotels

Airport hotels have entered the market to cater for people who need a place to stay before their flights. They are perfect for travellers who are flying at unusual times or doesn’t live close by. They are usually located close to an airport for easy and quick access. Most airport hotels provide a free bus shuttle that takes them directly to the airport which is convenient and saves time.

Casino hotels

Large casinos may sometimes have an integrated hotel for their customers. Some casinos will let you stay the night for free when you spend a certain amount of money on their gambling services. Apart from gambling, some casinos may offer other entertainments or activities including performance shows, spa centre, restaurant or shopping areas.

Budget hotels

Budget hotels cater for travellers or backpackers. They usually cost cheaper due to the location being far from tourist or city areas. They also tend to be shared rooms which means you will have to share room and toilet facilities with other guests. It’s a no frill service hotel.

Resort hotels

Resort hotels are made for a family or friends vacation. The resort comes with plenty of amenities where guests can have a fun and relaxing stay in the hotel. Most guests would tend to stay for longer periods and use the facilities offered by the resort.

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