Discovering Beautiful Bath


Bath is a very unique and underrated city in the south west of England. It has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage site status as a result of its many historical attractions and unusual features. Although this year is the 30th that Bath has held this status for, many people still don’t know much about how beautiful this place is.

If you’re considering visiting Bath, or you’ve never even thought about it until now, we have a few recommendations for getting the most out of this amazing city.

  • In Bath, taxis are the ideal way to get around because there are so many great attractions within a relatively small area, but you’ll need to visit the outskirts of the city to find some of the best attractions. You might even consider hiring a private chauffeur to make sure you can get around and see everything in just a day or two.
  • Bath takes its name from the famous Roman baths, the remnants of which are still present today and attract huge numbers of visitors. Warm, natural spring waters have long been an important unique feature for Bath, and this history is celebrated today with a range of wonderful spas where you can relax and treat yourself alongside the historical sites.

  • Later this year, events are expected to mark 200 years since the death of renowned author Jane Austen. She lived in Bath in the early 19th century, and is now remembered at the Jane Austen Centre as well as the house she once occupied near Sydney Gardens.
  • One of the most recognisable features in Bath aside from the Roman baths themselves would be the Royal Crescent, an enormous Georgian residential structure. The surrounding streets are also crammed with charming terraces and immaculately maintained parks which are perfect for a casual stroll.

Overall, many people consider Bath to be a perfect combination of modern city amenities, boutique shopping, spectacular botanical gardens, natural countryside and rich history. If you’d like to experience the wonderful atmosphere and culture of this unique English city, we highly recommend booking a visit as soon as you can.

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