Eco-Friendly Hotels Around The World

Going on holiday is the ideal time to take a break from the everyday stresses of the real world. Having said that, it’s never a great idea to become irresponsible when you’re on holiday! Most of us wouldn’t take that approach when it comes to our own money, safety or security, so why should environmental concerns be any different? Here are some destinations you might consider if you want to feel like you’re helping the environment a little with your choice of accommodation.

White Pods – The Alps, Switzerland

These super eco-friendly pods are a cross between permanent tents and luxury hotel rooms. They look a little unusual dotted across the Swiss Alps, but you can’t argue with their incredibly low carbon footprints. You’ll have water and electricity whenever you need it, but you can rest assured that only a minimal amount will be required.

Six Senses – Con Dao, Vietnam

This luxurious hotel is entirely constructed from sustainably-sourced materials, and it also makes an active effort to reduce its fuel consumption. This mainly comes down to the open-plan and spacious design of its rooms. Not only do you get loads of space, plus a perfect view of the crystal clear waters, but the air freely blowing through means almost no air conditioning is even needed!

Spice Island Beach Resort – St. George’s, Grenada

This island paradise resort is extremely active when it comes to recycling and making use of renewable resources to supply its rooms and facilities. Its staff are all trained and encouraged to get involved with local environmental projects, including conserving the natural environment by planting trees and cleaning up pollution.


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