Eco-Friendly Hotels Around The World

Going on holiday is the ideal time to take a break from the everyday stresses of the real world. Having said that, it’s never a great idea to become irresponsible when you’re on holiday! Most of us wouldn’t take that approach when it comes to our own money, safety or security, so why should environmental concerns be any different? Here are some destinations you might consider if you want to feel like you’re helping the environment a little with your choice of accommodation.

White Pods – The Alps, Switzerland

These super eco-friendly pods are a cross between permanent tents and luxury hotel rooms. They look a little unusual dotted across the Swiss Alps, but you can’t argue with their incredibly low carbon footprints. You’ll have water and electricity whenever you need it, but you can rest assured that only a minimal amount will be required.

Six Senses – Con Dao, Vietnam

This luxurious hotel is entirely constructed from sustainably-sourced materials, and it also makes an active effort to reduce its fuel consumption. This mainly comes down to the open-plan and spacious design of its rooms. Not only do you get loads of space, plus a perfect view of the crystal clear waters, but the air freely blowing through means almost no air conditioning is even needed!

Spice Island Beach Resort – St. George’s, Grenada

This island paradise resort is extremely active when it comes to recycling and making use of renewable resources to supply its rooms and facilities. Its staff are all trained and encouraged to get involved with local environmental projects, including conserving the natural environment by planting trees and cleaning up pollution.


Discovering Beautiful Bath


Bath is a very unique and underrated city in the south west of England. It has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage site status as a result of its many historical attractions and unusual features. Although this year is the 30th that Bath has held this status for, many people still don’t know much about how beautiful this place is.

If you’re considering visiting Bath, or you’ve never even thought about it until now, we have a few recommendations for getting the most out of this amazing city.

  • In Bath, taxis are the ideal way to get around because there are so many great attractions within a relatively small area, but you’ll need to visit the outskirts of the city to find some of the best attractions. You might even consider hiring a private chauffeur to make sure you can get around and see everything in just a day or two.
  • Bath takes its name from the famous Roman baths, the remnants of which are still present today and attract huge numbers of visitors. Warm, natural spring waters have long been an important unique feature for Bath, and this history is celebrated today with a range of wonderful spas where you can relax and treat yourself alongside the historical sites.

Best Hotels with Wild Animals On Site

Some people love to centre their holidays on seeing the natural world, and for animal lovers the best way to do that is to share accommodation with them! There are many places you can stay around the world where you’ll be living right alongside the wild animals that naturally roam the area. Here are some of the best examples to look into if you’re considering this kind of trip!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort – Orlando, Florida

Among the many great family hotels in Orlando is the amazing Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort. It’s a part of the local Disney empire, but you’ll be meeting the real inspirations behind the famous characters from films like The Jungle Book and The Lion King. With over 200 animals and birds from 30 different species living in the park, you’ll see a wide range of incredible African animals including giraffes, flamingos and zebras.

Giraffe Manor – Nairobi, Kenya

If you’re a fan of giraffes, this hotel was literally built for you! Although the original building dates back to the early 1930s, it was converted into a sanctuary for giraffes a few decades later, and now offers guests the opportunity to meet its incredible animal residents. The money raised through the hotel all goes to charity and directly supports the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife.

Sea Lion Island – The Falkland Islands

An island specialising in sea lions? Actually, not quite. Penguins roam freely right nearby Sea Lion Lodge, and the hotel is very popular with people hoping to meet these waddling birds. It’s not that far from the icy Antarctic, so it’s no surprise the penguins tend to visit the island on their little own holiday trips.

Makanyane Safari Lodge – South Africa

This resort is right on top of the Makanyane Game Reserve, a stunning area that’s full of native species to see up close. Elephants, lions, buffalo, rhinos and leopards all roam the area, and with huge glass windows lining every room in the lodge, you’ve got a great chance of meeting them all! The natural watering hole is right nearby, so all the local animals will be regular visitors during your stay.

Accessible Destinations Around The World

It may be difficult sometimes when you’re searching for holiday destinations and travelling ideas that are suitable for someone with a disability. Travelling is something that most of us love to do, and anything that stands in the way of discovering new experiences can be very frustrating. However, there are some general tips and approaches which can make the process a lot easier.

People with limited mobility or other disabilities may have very specific requirements when it comes to booking journeys and accommodation. It can be difficult to find information about the facilities available at a particular place, so many people look for disabled holiday reviews and find recommendations from people with similar requirements to themselves. This is a fantastic way to get a real sense of how well a location or service caters to disabled people.

Contacting companies directly is always an advisable approach. You may not be able to find out what you need to know from a hotel or airline website, but calling and speaking to someone about your requirements will usually get results. This is usually the best way to figure out the answers to practical questions about things like wheelchair access, facilities provided in hotel rooms and other issues which are often unclear at first.

Whether you can find specific information about your chosen destination or not, it always pays to be prepared for any eventuality. People living with disabilities are usually fully aware of their own needs, but it can still be hard to imagine every potential scenario and the last thing you want is to be caught off guard and find you’re missing something essential. It is always a good idea to travel with an appropriate backup supply of essential supplies, including any vital medication you take.

Catered Chalets – The Perfect French Ski Holiday

Many people consider a French skiing holiday in the mountains to be the ultimate winter holiday. You can spend all day enjoying the snow, the slopes and all kinds of activities, before returning to your accommodation to relax and enjoy your downtime. The perfect place to do this? You’ll find it hard to beat catered chalets in La Plagne and other popular French resorts.

There are many options if you would normally look for hotels, but when you’re travelling to skiing resorts it is generally accepted that chalets offer more of a luxury experience. They have many advantages over alternative forms of accommodation, including…

Tips For Staying In European Hotels

Travelling is almost always a gamble when it comes to hotel stays, with many people unsure whether or not the place they’ve chosen will be well serviced, clean, and enjoyable during their stay. This kind of gamble can be easily avoided, however, with a bit of quick research before settling on a given location and making a final booking. With a solid understanding of the best UK, European, and international locations, consumers can enjoy their stay no matter where they’ll be going.

Finding the right accommodation can be a bit of a challenge, especially since brands and reputations can vary by city, let alone country. For European travellers, though, there are generally some great tips to abide by when searching for locations, making reservations, and deciding on the exact type of hotel to be booked.


  1. Consider Budget Brands that Don’t Sacrifice Luxury

There are plenty of budget-friendly places that don’t require a major sacrifice of the overall travel budget. Look at reviews and recommendations to find a company that is committed to providing a clean, relaxing, and enjoyable experience that won’t cause the trip to go over budget. Most budget hotel rooms feature modern designs and can be counted on to provide every amenity that a traveller requires. Astute travellers will be able to do their research and find similar accommodation throughout the United Kingdom and Europe at large.